maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

21 hours dancing with Joaquim

Jälleen tulee englanniksi, jotta Los Angelesin asukki voi lukea mitä hänestä kirjoitetaan :)

The week passed by flying. If I counted correctly there were four days with 4 hours of dance in them and friday a choreography workshop (about 4 hours) for hand picked dancers from all classes. After that we had a traditional 'show' where all of us performed the dances learnt over the week and some quest performances in the form of solos, duets and groups. All together about 21 hours fully packed with dance!

Sweating, dead tired, but feeling it!
I did as poorly as I did last year on the 'show' and mixed up all of the choreographies in my head, didn't remember anything and was so disappointed at my self. But really good performances by others! Passion, excellence and outstanding presence made me almost shed a tear.

Kati doing her solo

But the choreography workshop!!!! I loved to follow a choreographer at work, making decisions and straight after going back, rewinding and changing it all up for the tenth time :) And when we finally got to the end there was closure, everything fitted and we got to rise our heads to the illusive sun and the singer sang "The sun is up". Beautiful! You need to see it, and you'll get a change at least when we perform the piece at hip hop houses anniversary show.

Choreography workshop 
Thanks to Joaquim from Lippe and Hip Hop House crew
Some of the dancers took Joaquim to Provinssi rock on Saturday. Must have been hell of a ride deducing from the pictures ;) I went and had the most amazing Personal Trainer graduation party (and me and my boyfriends 30 year birthday party).

Dead tired, but smiling like hell!!!
Joaquim, hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we did and most definitely 
will meet with you on next years course! Love you, xxx

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