keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Joaquim and contemporary jazz

Alkuintroa lukuunottamatta kirjoittelen tämän postauksen englanniksi, jotta ihanainen opettajammekin voisi sen lukea. Kärsikää siis vajavaisista nyansseista ja muista krumeluureista, joita en kerta kaikkiaan osaa edes suomeksi ;)

The day came that I had been expecting for one full year. The year which was all so nice, filled with personal training classes and a new start for working life + multiple new wonderful friends. I had fell in love with Joaquims style and his heartfelt teaching methods the year before, when he first came in to our dance school.

Welcome to the dancefloor...
So monday arrived with pouring rain. I came in to dance school so pissed of from the working day at the office. Once I saw Joaquim and all my lovely dance friends it hit me: "I can't, I don't know how to, I'm out of shape, Somebody rescue me!!!". Well, there I was, and nowhere to run.

I found my place somewhere in the middle of the ocean of people. After ten minutes I thought I was going to die out of heat in the classroom. But then Joaquim noticed me, a little nod and a smiling "Hi!" and I forgot the heat and the fact that I couldn't do even a decent pliée...

And then came the flow, as it did the year before. I didn't know the steps, but I was dancing in my own zone. The place where I rocked the hell out of the choreography! Don't know if anyone else noticed, but it didn't matter. I loved it.

Dancing is the thing for me, the one and only. 
Thanks Joaquim for making me feel the passion and the heat!

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